Tel Aviv: Vladimir Zeev-Wolf Herzberg is a candidate in 18-th Knesset on the Likud Party Election
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Vladimir Herzberg was a candidate in 18-th Knesset on the Likud Party Election.
1999, Herzberg, Olmert, Sharon and Sheetrit were candidates for the Chairmanship of the Likud Party.
Vladimir Herzberg was also 3 times a candidate in Knesset Israel, 2 times a candidate of post Beersheba Mayor and 2 times a candidate of the position President of the WJC (10.06.07 and 26.01.09).
Vladimir Herzberg, Dr. of Science, Heat and Nuclear Physics, 62, Grandfather of Granddaughter 2,5 years age and Grandson ... Read more »
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Four people declared themselves as a candiate for the position of WJC President and one for Chairman of the Governong Board
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Vladimir Herzberg, Russian-Israeli academic declares candidacy in WJC elections, says overhaul needed

Yaakov Lappin. Published:06.03.07, 15:02 / Israel Jewish Scene
The World Jewish Congress (WJC) needs a drastic overhaul, beginning with the ejection of wealthy businessmen from the organization, according to Vladimir Herzberg, the latest candidate to announce his participation in elections for the WJC's presidency.
Herzberg, a former scientist in Russia, and a researcher in economics at Ben Gurion University, certainly stands out among the candidates vying for leadership at the WJC. In the past, he has unsuccessfully tried to capture a number of senior position ... Read more »
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Mendel Kaplan has setting the stage for a four-person contest that will be decided June 10
NEW YORK (JTA) -- South African steel magnate Mendel Kaplan has officially entered the race for the interim presidency of the World Jewish Congress, setting the stage for a four-person contest that will be decided June 10.
The outcome will end weeks of speculation over who will succeed the longtime
president, Edgar Bronfman, who is stepping down following years of turmoil within the organization.
The WJC, with regional operations around the world, is best ... Read more »
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Ronnie Wood is reportedly set to marry his 20-year-old lover.

The 61-year-old Rolling Stones guitarist - who sparked huge controversy last year after leaving his wife of 23 years to be with Ekaterina Ivanova - has told friends he has found "a new lease of life" since dating the Russian waitress.

Before he can marry Ekaterina, Ronnie must divorce estranged wife Jo and he is determined to protect his £60 million fortune.

A friend of Jo's said: "She is devastated and now knows there is no turning back in their marriage.

"Ronnie wants the divorce to be over as soon as possible so he can marry Kat.

"Jo always believed this was just a silly fling that would soon blow over.

She worked really hard to remain on good terms with Ronnie. But instead of sorting things out he wants to fight out any claims in court."

... Read more »

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The crew of the American cargo ship briefly seized last week by Somali pirates arrived back in the United States early Thursday morning.
The 19-man crew from the Maersk Alabama arrived at 1 a.m. on a chartered flight at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland. Family members and representatives from the shipping company Maersk greeted the plane, standing on the tarmac, cheering and waving American flags.

The captain of the Alabama, Richard Phillips, who was freed by ... Read more »

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The story below is satirical fiction. Any resemblance to the truth is coincidental. Even elected Israeli leaders are to be considered innocent until proven guilty. Unfortunately, however, this story could be about practically any Israeli minister. As an item in the Los Angeles Times website recently noted: “Every prime minister in the last 15 years has been investigated for corruptio ... Read more »
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Skype founders want company back.
Technology and internet startups often seem to come out of nowhere with meteoric success only to be snapped up by larger companies looking to make a profit from new technology. This is the circle of life online and in the technology world.

Back in 2005, eBay purchased Skype for about $1.7 billion with then CEO Meg Whitman saying that eBay believed Skype would find an audience with eBay buyers and sellers. This failed to happen and current eBay CEO John Donahoe has said that Skype has no synergies with eBay reports eWeek.

Donahoe said that eBay would do what was right for Skype and eBay -- many analysts took that statement as an indication that eBay may be interested in selling Skype. While eBay hasn’t officially stated that it is t ... Read more »
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During the visit of Tony Blair in the Knesset, he met yesterday afternoon with the former Foreign Minister of Israel Tzipi Livni
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The socialite has been dating The Hills star for several months, following her November split from rocker Benji Madden.

She was forced to deny recent reports suggesting the reality TV hunk had popped the question on a dinner date.

But Hilton insists she will wed Reinhardt one day, telling E! Online, "He's going to be my husband." She adds, "We're best friends. It's not like we just met. We've known each other over the past year. I was in a relationship before and we reconnected. I'm really in love and really happy."

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SAN JOSE, Costa Rica – New England Patriots star Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen reportedly were married again on Saturday. Al Dia, a Costa Rican newspaper, reported Sunday that 50 guests attended the wedding in Santa Teresa, a beachside town.

... Read more »

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A major charitable foundation in Los Angeles has said that jailed Wall Street money manager Bernard Madoff swindled it out of US$18 million. The Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles reported that the foundation invested the money from a common investment pool with Madoff starting in 2004. Foundation president Marvin Schotland told AP that the loss represented less than 3 per cent of the group's total assets, which totaled about US$ 670 million at the end of 2008. The group is one of Los Angeles' 10 largest foundations.

Madoff is in jail pending sentencing for stealing billions of dollars from investors in what could be the biggest scam in Wall Street history. Foundation spokeswoman Lynn Fireside says the foundation would be able to recover at least US$ 500,000 of the lost money after Madoff's assets are liquidated.

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Paris Hilton has been left stunned and "scared" after she was allegedly abused by a DJ's bodyguard in Miami, Florida in the early hours of Friday. The socialite was at the posh Fontainebleau hotel nightclub with her new boyfriend Doug Reinhardt when she approached the DJ to request a song to dance to.

But the music mixer, who was playing a techno set, refused and a bodyguard stepped in, reportedly pushing Hilton away.

Reinhardt leaped to her defence and lambasted the heavyweight guard for putting his hands on Hilton, sparking a brawl between the two men.

Police were called to the scene, but the fight had been broken up ... Read more »

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Christopher Bollyn

FRAUDSTER'S PARTNERS ARE TIED TO SENIOR ISRAELI CRIMINALS AND ISRAEL'S NOTORIOUS MONEY-LAUNDERING BANK IN NEW YORK - SO, WHERE DID THE MONEY GO? Where did the Madoff money go?  Said to be as much as $50 billion, the key question about this huge scam remains unanswered.  After examining 7,000 boxes containing the documents of Bernard Madoff's "investment" company, a U.S. bankruptcy court meeting revealed that there was "no evidence" that any of the money had been re-invested in 13 years, the BBC reported on February 21, 2009: ... Read more »
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A Brazilian Archbishop has accused Jews of exaggerating their suffering during the Holocaust.

Archbishop Dadeus Grings of Porto Alegre in Rio Grande de Sul said in a magazine interview: “The Jews talk about six million people killed. But how many Catholics were victims of the Holocaust? There were 22 million in all…the biggest victims were the gypsies because they were exterminated. And [the Jews] don’t mention this.”

Veteran Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal said in 1984 that the gypsies were murdered in a proportion similar to Jews.

The archbishop’s comments mean further embarrassment for the Catholic church following Pope Benedict XVI’s rehabilitation of Holocaust denier Bishop Richard Williams.

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NATO has said that an Iranian diplomat had met with a representative of the Western military alliance for the first time in 30 years. Few details of the meeting were immediately available, but a NATO spokesperson Thursday told the news service ‘Voice of America’ that it had happened in Brussels last week. The French news agency AFP reported that an Iranian diplomat met with the senior NATO official Martin Erdmann for "an informal contact" about Afghanistan. Earlier on Thursday, Iran confirmed it would attend a UN-sponsored conference on neighboring Afghanistan next week. Iran's Foreign Ministry said it has not yet decided who Tehran's representative would be. The United States will be represented by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who proposed to the ... Read more »
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A cyber spy network based mainly in China hacked into classified documents from government and private organizations in 103 countries, including the computers of the Dalai Lama and Tibetan exiles, Canadian researchers said Saturday. The work of the Information Warfare Monitor initially focused on allegations of Chinese cyber espionage against the Tibetan community in exile, and eventually led to a much wider network of compromised machines, the Internet-based research group said. "We uncovered real-time evidence of malware that had penetrated Tibetan computer systems, extracting sensitive documents from the private office of the Dalai Lama," investigator Greg Walton said. The research group said that while it's analysis points to China as the main source of the network, ... Read more »
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NEW YORK - Natasha Richardson died from bleeding in her skull caused by the fall she took on a ski slope, an autopsy found Thursday.

The medical examiner ruled her death an accident, and doctors said she might have survived had she received immediate treatment. However, nearly four hours elapsed between her lethal fall at her admission to a hospital

The Tony-winning actress suffered from an epidural hematoma, which causes bleeding between the skull and the brain's covering, said Ellen Borakove, a spokeswoman for the New York City medical examiner's office.

Such bleeding is often caused by a skull fracture, and it can quickly produce a blood clot that puts pressure on the brain. That pressure can force the ... Read more »

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Rap star Kanye West was charged on Wednesday with battery, theft and vandalism in connection with a September 11, 2008 scuffle with paparazzi at Los Angeles International Airport.

The L.A. District ... Read more »

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With the country sinking deeper into recession, the Federal Reserve launched a bold $1.2 trillion effort Wednesday to lower rates on mortgages and other consumer debt, spur spending and revive the economy.

To do so, the ... Read more »

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MONTREAL – British actress Natasha Richardson is in critical condition in a Montreal hospital after being severely injured in a skiing accident in Quebec, according to published reports.

People.com and IrishCentral.com reported that the Tony award-winning actress and wife of Liam Neeson suffered a head injury Monday and is in a Montreal hospital.

People.com said Richardson was initially taken to a hospital near the luxury Mont Tremblant ski resort in Quebec, and was later transferred to the Montreal hospital.

... Read more »
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Israel used Operation Cast Lead to help perfect the "Iron Dome" rocket interception system, defense officials said Monday.
Israeli weapons-development teams were posted outside Gaza to track the hundreds of rockets fired by terrorists during the three-week offensive against Hamas.

The data will be used to assist in the construction of the system, which is currently under development, the officials said.

They spoke on condition of anonymity because the system's details remain classified. The Iron Dome, designed to protect Israeli towns from rocket fire, is set to be operational in 2010.

Rockets fired by terror groups like Hamas and Hizbullah ... Read more »

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Police look into several potential suspects in the $2-million heist as the socialite cooperates with investigators.
By Richard Winton
January 5, 2009
LAPD investigators believe the $2-million jewelry heist at Paris Hilton's Mulholland Estates mansion last month was probably done by someone familiar with the home's layout and who knew how to access the socialite's collection of rings, watches and necklaces.

Detectives are investigating a number of potential suspects based on information gathered from the scene and interviews with Hilton, who is coopera ... Read more »
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 In the near future the dollar will be replaced by a new currency, Amero, which will become a unit of account between the NAFTA countries (USA, Canada, Mexico). Об этом говорится в блоге независимого американского журналиста Хела Тернера. This is stated in my blog an independent American journalist Hela Turner.

По словам Хела Тернера, новые деньги уже печатаются Монетным двором в Денвере (США). According to Hela Turner, new money has already been printed Mint in Denver (USA).

... Read more »

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Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey collapsed last evening while delivering a speech to a prominent legal group and was rushed to George Washington University Hospital.

Mukasey remained at the hospital overnight for observation but a Justice Department spokesman said Mukasey had strong vital signs and was "in good spirits" after the incident, which occurred at an annual Federalist Society gathering.

President Bush spoke with Mukasey by telephone just before 7 this morning, according to a statement issued by White House spokeswoman Dana Perino. The statement said Mukasey "sounded well" and "is getting excellent care."

A person who attended the black-tie dinner at the Marriott Wardman Park hotel in Woodley Park said Mukasey was visibly shaking and perhaps slurring his words before he fell to the floor. Video footage showed a tuxedo-clad Mukasey, 67 ... Read more »

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Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano is tipped to be homeland security chief, Democratic sources said.

Penny Pritzker, who chaired the finance team for Mr Obama's presidential campaign, could be commerce secretary.

And Bill Clinton has reportedly agreed to vetting of his affairs ahead of his wife becoming secretary of state.

Mr Obama's transition team has confirmed a number of other key advisers and top administration posts, while sources have been discussing the unconfirmed appointments.

Hillary Clinton, Mr Obama's defeated rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, is reported to be considering the secretary of state job, sources have said.

According to Reuters, former President Clinton has offered to allow an ethics review of future business and charitable activities to eliminate any conflict of interest if his wife accepts the se ... Read more »

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You better hide your boyfriends, ladies, because Paris Hilton is single again.

After what seemed like a whirlwind romance, Hilton, 27, and Benji Madden, 29, have called it quits. Despite the sudden split, Hilton's publicist Alanna McCarthy told The Associated Press Wednesday that the two "remain very good friends."

We were first introduced to "Parenji" in Febuary of 2008, when the couple announced their union and became seemingly inseparable. They sported matching rings, engraved with their respective love's ini ... Read more »

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CHICAGO (Reuters) - President-elect Barack Obama moved closer to filling a key spot in his cabinet on Tuesday as his transition team plotted a careful course to shaping the next U.S. administration.

A Democratic source said a conditional offer for the post of attorney general had been made to former Clinton administration official Eric Holder, making him the automatic front-runner for the nation's top law enforcement position.

In keeping with his decision to maintain a low profile during the transition period before he takes office on January 20, Obama spent most of the day in private meetings at a federal office building near his home in Chicago.

... Read more »
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SAN FRANCISCO -(Dow Jones)- Embattled Yahoo Inc. (YHOO) Chief Executive Jerry Yang has agreed to give up his position, leaving the struggling Internet giant without a clear leader and increasing the possibility an acquirer might seek to buy it.

Yahoo, which earlier this year was the target of a $47.5 billion unsolicited takeover attempt by Microsoft Corp. (MSFT), said Monday it had hired a search firm to look for a successor to Yang, who co-founded the 13-year-old company while he was a graduate student at Stanford University.

Yahoo said it would consider internal and external candidates for the job. Yahoo President Sue Decker is one of the candidates under consideration, a ... Read more »

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San Francisco -

Jerry Yang has showed the world he has a strong stomach. But he'll need something else to pull Yahoo! out of its slump.

On Wednesday morning, Google (nasdaq: GOOG - news - people ) said it was withdrawing from a plan that would have given Yahoo! (nasdaq: YHOO - ... Read more »

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