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Bank Discount waged by the Iranian clients despite the government bank
The New York branch of Bank Discount waged by the Iranian clients despite the government ban According to the report issued by Bank Discount, and on the activities of the bank in the first quarter of 2007, IDB Bank of New York, the American branch of Bank Discount, led by Iranian nationals, the newspaper Globs. In addition, the report says that in some cases were transferring money to the accounts of Iranian citizens. These facts have been discovered during the audit of the bank's past. The report also says that the bank has hired outside consultants who will review the matter. This development was reflected in the record specifically for the U.S. Office of Terror Assets Control (OFAC). According to the authors of the report, the Bank of New York IDB can be fined up to a million dollars. Interestingly, the opposition now chairman Binyamin Netaniyagu located in the United States, called on the authorities to take forward the initiative of American States economic boycott of Iran, primarily the removal of American pension fund contributions from companies trading with Iran.
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