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Paul Wolfovitz left
Wolf in an ant.  Finally has come to pass. Wolfovitz left. President of the World Bank has agreed to resign. Instead of the bank issued a statement in which Wolfovitz removed all charges. Gone him under false pretences, and, in fact, for his protege "contrary" Bush "architect" of Iraqi war and, moreover, sought to put an end to corruption. Clearly, Vulfovitsa voice hated Europeans in bank governance, as well as his staff, for which an ant loves when it started to dwell on? In short, survived "wolf" together. So Bush has suffered another defeat. Started with the fact that after the November elections, he ratted on Donald Rumsfeld, who demanded blood central media and the victorious Democrats. In a couple of day he will probably rat on the Minister of Justice Alberto Gonzalez. In case of  Wolfovitz, it is party Bush's own fault.  From the first day of a tradition that the World Bank is headed by an American, while the International Monetary Fund-European. And who is to appoint the bank decides to American President and his decision-final and not subject to appeal or the government bank, or in the United States Senate. Bush could appoint the President of the World Bank and his wife Laura, as Caligula, his horse. Lora he regretted, and appointed his horse Vulfovitsa military. Usually, the White House consults on the subject with the American Ministry of Finance. But this time Bush so would reward Wolfovitz bread posts, which he put to the breast and not the Ministry of Finance, who learned of this appointment is that the White House and from the British colleagues. So in the United States sometimes appoint ambassadors to the Cape Verde Islands. Not for the progress in the diplomatic field, and help in the election campaign of President or just friendship. It usually comes Putin, a professional weakness to kollegam-chekistam. But President of the World Bank have a deep understanding of world finance, and Putin's personnel policy here is not the place. Wolfovitz had no banking experience and, moreover, he is not the best manager. For me, and something : I believe that the World Bank has long been closed, and if Vulfovits his wrecked, I would only thank him. But Bank blames their president before him, President wrecked. It is a pity. The World Bank was created in 1944 when faith in the creative role of the state and international governmental organizations was in the zenith. The stated goal of creating a "fight against poverty with passion and professionalism." But against poverty is best helps economic growth, and is best promoted free markets, which are much more efficient use of capital than gosplany like the World Bank, the market is irrefutable and not reporting to any other person. Critics of the bank notes that for its credit on concessional terms, countries are obliged to take its "technical assistance". This rich sauce, verhovodyaschie bank dictate the poor, what projects they can spend the credit. Projects often reflect current western fashion : money given to the emancipation of women, environmental protection, etc., ie to plan, which lives in the poor countries would not be concerned about, if the World Bank did not give them bribes. Many of these projects may be bogougodny, it is often secondary needs, which poor countries would not pay loans taken from commercial banks more expensive. The World Bank has also often forgive the debts of poor countries. This, at first glance, it is also charity, but actually creates the risk that insurers and economists call "moral hazard" (moral hazard) : when a person insured or confident that he will forgive the debt, he sometimes behaves more carefree and irresponsible. That is our nature. Critics of the policies of the World Bank also complained that he annually lends billions of dollars to countries such as China and Mexico, who can afford to take money from private banks under the normal rate. Bank quarter of a century, gave credit completely corrupt Indonesia under President Suharto; Believe that the 8 billion of these loans were Plundered. Paul Wolfovitz wealthy enemies in the bank for his attempts to deny the most corrupt country for its loans. Staff VB assess their work volumes of money, rather than the way they are then used. Former Bank representative in Indonesia, Dennis de Tray publicly argued that corruption is a thing that should not interfere with the WB "help people". In the past few survivors from the bank employees who were protesting corruption in the countries to which the WB contributed. Alas, Wolfovitz did not have the breakdown of the World Bank. And Europe won another victory in its cold war with America that the next time think hard before you remove it from the Germans or even anyone there ...
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