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Ahmadinejad arrived today in response visiting Minsk
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad arrived today in response visiting Minsk, where he held a series of talks with his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko, as well as with other senior officials. Following talks, the two sides signed an agreement on cooperation in the oil and gas industry, including the joint development of oil and gas fields, the construction of refineries, as well as the construction of underground gas storage facilities in Iran. Among other things, the presidents of Iran and Belarus expressed their satisfaction with the agreement reached on cooperation in the development of oil field Dzhofeir plan which was approved by the Iranian National Oil Company of the 5th May after Iranian delegation visited Manufacturing "Belorusneft." As stated at the end of talks with Mahmoud Ahmadinedzhadom Alexander Lukashenko, the two countries have reached a level of strategic partnership. "Around the relations of Belarus and Iran lot of talk. Each interprets these relations in its own way. But Belarus and Iran-subjects of international law, today the two countries have no exclusion order. We are ready to cooperate in all areas, "quoted the words of President Alexander Lukashenko official site. Ahmadinejad, in turn, has called Alexander Lukashenko, "one of the best friends" and stressed that the strengthening of relations iransko-belorusskih intended to support international security. "For our interaction no obstacles and barriers, he said. "We have great potential in the long term, and we must be enforced." For deposits in Dzhofeire Lukashenko said that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ordered Belarusian specialists carte blanche : soon they may begin to develop the field, converting off its oil in Iran, or to take crude oil and sell anywhere in the world. "Same Magomedali Magomedov said, the extraction and processing of natural gas," said Lukashenko. - Thank you for the outstanding support of our country and economy. " It will be recalled that six months ago, Iran made an official visit to the Alexander Lukashenko. It should be noted that while the statements of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad were quite similar. "The development of relations with friendly countries, such as Belarus, we do not put restrictions," said Sharon then. He described bilateral relations "good and progressive" and stressed that Iran and Belarus is unanimity on issues of international politics. The President of Iran announced that the State shall develop cooperation in the fields of politics, economy, tourism, trade and education. He expressed the hope that the visit of Lukashenko will be a milestone in the history of relations of two countries. Alexander Lukashenko, for his part, stated that he saw no obstacles to the development of relations with Iran. He said that he arrived, accompanied by a group of experts and leaders of major economic companies, which will hold talks with Iranian colleagues. President of Belarus agreed with the words of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on common interests and similar views on mezhdunaroduyu policy. He said that Belarus intends to support investment projects Iranian companies, including in the field of energy. Minsk welcomes the intentions of the Iranian company Keyson "to participate in the construction transportno-obsluzhivayuschego complex Prilese" in the free economic zone "Minsk" and top class hotels with business and entertainment center in the Belarusian capital. Alexander Lukashenko : Belarus and the Islamic Republic of Iran is no order in August 2006 in Belarus openly assembly production Iranian passenger cars "Samand". By early October in Belarus is 48 avtokomplektov and 4 car "Samand".
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