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"Grady" aimed at Ashkelon
This assessment was made at the security cabinet meeting in the Prime Minister's Office. The armed attack and other terrorist organizations are "Grad" missiles, chemical, and the termination of the armistice these missiles with a range of up to 22 km could strike Ashkelon. The Prime Minister and Defence Minister ordered the preparation of Ashkelon to this scenario. With the official end of the truce, terrorists will move "Grady" to the north of the Gaza Strip, on the ruins of former settlements Sinai, Dugit and Nissanit defended until the summer of 2005 Ashkelon, a power plant and fuel depots. According to the ShABAKa, in the hands of terrorists are quite good "Grady" further highlights how warned Russian military correspondents conventional warheads on them can be replaced by chemicals. While "Grady" considered obsolete Soviet-made, but compared with handmade "Kasamami" these missiles which were armed with the Soviet army at the end of the last century, is a very serious weapon. In addition, home-made missiles "Al-Quds" already have a range of 12 km and not 10 as earlier. According to analysts, during the next phase of the confrontation with Israel, Hamas and other terrorist organizations are expected to take advantage of "Grady" against Ashkelon and the town's population is 110,000 people. So far, the air raid alerts in Ashkelon not installed, and strategic sites terrorists only find tha target to Ashkelon. However, in light of the intelligence service rear cities must prepare for the start of the rocket attacks.
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