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Bill has 18 years of trying to divorce Hillary
Bill has 18 years of trying to divorce Hillary in the United States are just two scandalous book about Bill and Hillary Clinton. Their publication could deal a serious blow to the reputation of Senator from New York State, Mrs. Clinton is that she leads the presidential candidate of Democrats. "According to the Washington Post, fighters election campaign Hillary" with chilling wait for the books, which may contain some sensational revelations, tarnishing Clinton couple. " This nervousness is partly the result of the authors' names. Until recently, a description of the famous couple belonged to the opposition - conservator's-republican's. But this time one of the books - "Women in power : Hillary Clinton Life" - written by none other than Carl Bernstein. The same journalist who in the early 1970s with his colleague Bob Woodward published in the "Washington Post" a series of articles on Uotergeytskom scandal. The publication led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon. The other book, "The Way : The hopes and ambitions of Hillary Clinton," Jeff Gerth and Don Ven Natta working in the liberal New York Times. They also can not be considered as constituting an ideological opponents of Mrs. Clinton. Bernstein wrote his fundamental work of entire eight years. The book contains little known facts of family life Klintonov - which neither he nor it is for obvious reasons not explained in his autobiography, which became bestsellers. The journalist says that in 1989, Bill was so much in love with a younger then, that suggested Hillary divorce. His mistress named Marilyn Jo Jenkins. She worked in a private company in Arkansas. Clinton was governor of the state. According to Bernstein, Miss Clinton refused to divorce, saying : "There are things himself marital deception." Bill has not broken relations with Marilyn. The last time they met at the residence of Clinton on the day the Bill was to announce its entry into the fight for the presidency. That was in 1992. However, after the start of the battle, Clinton left their hobbies. Hillary Introduction its intimate connection with cabaret singer Jennifer Flauerz. And hired a private detective, that he followed the passion spouse. A Bill that Hamas is not something crucial to the battle for the White House, Hillary gave him an experienced therapist.
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