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Russians know that in Nigeria they could steal
Russians know that in Nigeria they could steal third day in Nigeria remain hostage six Russians, the "Rusal", which on Sunday seized by unknown men in black masks. The initial information that the militants were national "Niger Delta Liberation Movement", has not been confirmed. Is not known what demands the kidnappers made. On Monday, as no one can say with certainty that our citizens are in good shape. But soon the kidnappers took to the links. The telephone conversation was able to learn a little. Home-hostage alive and healthy. Ask whether for ransom, in the Russian embassy in Nigeria said "Izvestia" refused. The staff "Rusal" attacked early on Sunday morning. Security was unable to repel the armed assailants who stormed the two minibuses to the town, where employees. The southern Nigerian city Ikot-Abasi that found 700th kilometres from the capital. The Russians were abducted and a relative of "Rusal". It is not uncommon, when members leave to work in Nigeria with their families. Total same factory in the town has about 300 staff, 44 of them Russians. - No panic among the remaining staff there, "said" Izvestia "central office" Rusal in Moscow. "People are going to Nigeria, knew that the attack occurs. But with our company for the first time this happens. Since the attack, the Russian embassy in Lagos organized a round-the-clock staff for working with the Nigerian authorities and rescue prisoner of the Russians. However, it was not possible to determine what extremist group attacked the Russians. Nevertheless, according to the embassy of the Russian Federation in Lagos Victor Goncharov, the men are in their relationship. Also unable to speak and with the hostages. - We went to the mobile, "said Victor Goncharov. "Our citizens are doing well, but the more I can say nothing. The fate of the people. To avoid unnecessary risk, or "Rusal", or the Russian embassy in Lagos to disclose the names of the hostages and their positions were not. Some details of the abduction on Monday in a live broadcast on Radio Echo of Moscow correspondent told the magazine Russian Newsweek "Ilya Arkhipov, who recently came from Nigeria. "Criminals sailed on the boat, then picked in advance by minivans," - said Ilya Arkhipov. "They blew up the gate factory town, and the door at home, which lived Plant's Director General ." According to some reports,  plant's general director  was among the hostages. Meanwhile, on Monday offered to mediate UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Ara Abramyan. "I am prepared to use all his contacts," - said Ara Abramyan. Last year he played a key role in the recovery of our seafarers, long time found  in prison. "We need to understand the difference," - said Ara Abramyan. In the case of seafarers, we were dealing with the authorities. Now it comes to criminality, the kidnapping. The horse lives. It should be noted that since the beginning of the year in Nigeria were kidnapped more than 100 foreigners, more than 30 of them remain in captivity so far.
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