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Ayalon received 35% of votes and 32% Barak
Three days before the party primaries in the Labour, government's Institute for Sociological Research "Dahaf" under the leadership of Mines Tsemah conducted a poll by order the newspaper Yedioth Aharonoth. Results of the study show : the most popular among the Labour Knesset member Ami Ayalon, receiving 35% of the vote. It is followed by former prime minister Ehud Barak, who is ready to vote for the 31% of respondents. It should be noted that the gap between the candidates, according to the survey "Dahaf" small and well within the range of possible statistical errors. The current president of the Labor Amir Peretz received 20% of votes and Ophir Pines-Paz and Dani Yatom, 9% and 2% respectively. To date, according to the poll, none of the candidates obtains 40% of votes needed for election to the presidency, which means the inevitability of a second party elections. The same study found that the second cycle Ayalon easily defeated Barak had won 49% of votes, against 39% who would receive the former prime minister. Nevertheless, Amir Peretz continues campaign speech with the old enthusiasm. As he held it in the agricultural town of Dvora in the district Taanahim. "On Monday we impress everyone, and a month later I return to the government as Minister of Finance," said Peretz. "We have seen those who lost in the polls and won the election." Note that according to a survey conducted by the newspaper Ha'aretz, Ayalon received 35% of votes and 32% Barak.
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