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The facts Olmert did not disclose to the Winograd commission
It says the newspaper Ha'aretz, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert did not disclose to the Winograd commission investigating actions of the country during the Lebanese war, the two important meetings, which he had on Aug. 11, 2006, just before the start of a large-scale ground operation in Lebanon, which "Hezbollah" to be dislodged for the Litani River, to stop rocket attacks on Israeli territory. According to the source, on the morning of August 11 at home Olmert took five people who were not at the time of any formal government posts. Early in the morning, he was visited by former Chief of the General Security Service (Shabak) Ya'acov Perry. Later, around 11 am, was former commander of the Northern District TsAHALa Amiram Levine, a former commander of the Navy Edidya Yaari (now CEO of the group RAFAEL), the co-worker of a book on military doctrine XXI century Haim Asa and political adviser Kalman Geyer, who worked with Sharon. I also invited former chief of military intelligence (AMAN) Uri Sagay, but had not done so, says Ha'aretz. The consultation lasted about two hours. At a few minutes Olmert went to another room, where he waited for Defense Minister Amir Peretz, then returned and conducted an interview. According to the Ha'aretz, Peretz called for a major ground operation, which was to push the "Hezbollah" for the Litani River, but Olmert fluctuated. Consultants Olmert warned against prolonged operation, in their view, it was for a major strike against the Hezbollah to, but not to delay the operation. Obviously, Ha'aretz received this information from a source close to the Prime Minister. Olmert himself does not comment on the publication. According to the Ha'aretz, "quartet" of non-governmental advisors (Levin, Yaari, Asa and Geyer) recommended that Olmert begin ground operations before the UN Security Council adopted a resolution on the situation in Lebanon. How According to the newspaper, the Commission Winograd not only hear from Olmert about these meetings, but not interviewed any of those who met with the prime minister on August 11. It is indicated that Olmert tried to Yaari in Winograd Commission is not telling its role in the decision to launch an operation on August 11.
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