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Open letter to the Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and to the Oppositon leader Benyamin Netanyahu
Open letter to the Prime Minister of Israel, Mr. Ehud Olmert and to the Oppositon leader, Mr. Benyamin Netanyahu.
In according to the recent so-called elections WJC (World Jewish Congress), as I wanted to run of the President WJC, I had a little study of the Written reports from the affiliated regions to the Governing Board WJC.  One needs only to look at recent reports of regional affiliates WJC to ensure that they do not even mention the word Israel.
In my humble opinion, lately this unduly overstaffed and corruption-ridden organization WJC is absolutely inefficient to the State of Israel and therefore must either undertake dramatic changes affecting its headcount and employees’ attitude or cease to exist at all.
It should not go unnoticed that when a Israeli representative leaves the hall in protest the session proceeds uninterrupted. These people are only keen to listening to what they say and advancing their own interests. They don’t care a hoot about neglecting individual Israeli people’s concern, while 80,000 Jews, the victims of the Holocaust live in Israel under the poverty line and have not yet received compensation.
Today, the organization behind ostensibly aid to Israel, collecting money from people who genuinely want to help Israel, and used the money for other purposes :
on endless travels all over the world of its members from the organization WJC,
on pointless programs such as, that are supposedly aimed at bringing up a new breed of Israeli sitizens, men's and women's with moble phone at hand,
for nobody could guess where are they now - in the desert or on a beach in Yaffo, and in fact through the budget  taxpayers roam all over the world   and that every day eat black caviar in another part of the World.
Today, some members WJC spend on the purchase of works of art, hundreds of millions of dollars, at a time when 70% of Israeli citizens living below the poverty line. The WJC helps citizens of all world countries except Israel, and is unnecessary construction of synagogues near the North Pole. The organization, under the pretext of ties with Israel, proceeds in other countries and the interests of their private businesses, which are almost always run counter to the interests of the State of Israel. This has led to a sharp decline in immigration to Israel  and has led other disasters, such as the supply of arms to countries hostile to Israel. And that  when in the some time 35.000 inhabitants of Sderot 7 year suffer so-called according Mr. Shimon Peres quassamim-shmassamim from lack of funds to the State of Israel.
In my humble opinion, the government of Israel should :
1) Stop all ties with the WJC in its current composition, and to declare all the world ocean.
2) Under the supervision of the government to create a parallel, alternative organization that will collect funds to help Israel of all citizens and organizations who are ready to help in their hour of need.
3) Expand the funds only under strict control by the Israel Government and do not allow for somebody organisation or private individual expand the funds.
4) Prohibit use of a symbol of Israel organizations and individuals, if they are not in the interest of the country.
Vladimir Herzberg, Doctor of  Science, Nuclear Physics,
Israel, Likud, Beer Sheva
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