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Not stokers we, not carpenters

Not stokers we, not carpenters.

Oh yeah, You have heard. Estonia has recently opened a synagogue. 2500 years there was not and suddenly appears. The solemn ceremony course was attended by Mr. Shimon Peres, as Deputy Head of the Government of Israel and the Chief Rabbi of Israel, Mr. Iona Mentsiger. Not so long ago, a Legal Adviser to the Government, the Attorney General and Israel Police has launched an inquiry, and to what Rabbi walked in Jerusalem, and told him to immediately resign, but his experienced lawyers hush up this affair. And now a visit there at the other end of the World, closer to the North Pole. The question is, and who this time to pay the distinguished rabbi and the Newly Selected President of Israel their expenses and tickets? Maybe, it is interested in the Legal Adviser. While this information is scarce. Construction of the synagogue to pay a Gentleman, which said that he a new-businessman from the former Soviet union, live on the French Riviera, and that his boat just 50 metres shorter Roman Abramovich yachts. And what all this has to Israel. Very simple. Just a few days of the Estonian Ceremony, former Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin wept before televisors over all of the World, that he could not become President of Israel, as all religiouses parties have turned their backs on him, and vote for Shimon Peres. As, maybe, all religious parties did so, because it received generous donations from oligarhes-friends Shimon Peres, who together with Mr. Peres and respected Rabbi promote their business interests, there somewhere near the North Pole. How well be oligarchs and do business in other countries, but why should participate in the middle Chief Rabbi of Israel and the President, may be interested in this State Comptroller, who has yet to reply to a question, what made his former boss, Mr. Shimon Peres to 350.000 dollars, recently misappropriated in the United States. At the time, in the former USSR, with 284.000.000 citizens, in synagogues largest cities hard recruited a "minen" (10) to prayer, wondering whether to reach 10 Jewish even and no rereligious in all Estonia. And then suddenly all olgarhi wear yarmulka and build synagogue in Estonia, instead of than help people suffering in Israel, in Sdeyrot. What is most interesting, just a few days after the successful opening of the synagogue near at the North Pole, for such valour, new Sinagogue Building near at the North Pole, World Jewish Congress appoints its client to the highest positions in his department. Meanwhile, in recent days saye relations between Russia and Estonia have been severely strained since the Estonian authorities demolished a Memorial to Soldiers, by the way who saved milliones Jewish Lives during the Holocaust. In protest against the authorities involved are Russian-speaking population of Estonia, including those close to the 10 Jewish, several demonstrators were killed. In our humble opinion, at this point, completely unnecessary presence of Israelis in the new synagogue, while in Estonia monument to the Dead Soldiers demolished, understatement may not like Russia peoples. Such foreign, and in fact purely domestic policies, the President, Mr. Shimon Peres, and the Chief Rabbi seriously harms on Russian-Israel relationship, and how their behaviour meets Laws of Israel, would seek the Legal Adviser to Head of the Israel Government.

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