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Hard to believe that Olmert will pass all this
All against him, the public, the legal system, the commission Vinograd and now - and even the media. Feelings Olmert close to the end of his career makes politicians willing to "survive", away from him away. The ministers and Knesset members who wish to demonstrate their leadership, slow first resign from his government, or openly opposed it. The opinion polls are already halfway Palestinians fail to reach even 10% support. Perhaps it is enough to oblige him to resign. So far, his media defended. Now, after harsh report Vinograd, Olmert did not save his many friends in the media, both paper and electronic. Also, previous agreements with the leftists and transparent and foul-smelling bit resumption of the battle against the outposts did not give it nadednoy protection. Now even the media tell it, "Go home! "(That is, in any of your houses, which want!) Today evening, the public will say it the same for a mass demonstration at Rabin Square. The logic and decency told to go immediately to the elections. This desire according to all public opinion polls. The current political map no longer accurately expresses the people's preferences. Kadima Party is a political disaster, the party of one man, who is now a year and a half is unconscious. Kadima is not worth its 29 mandates, exactly as the Likud-12 mandates established short-term reality, which is long behind us. The polls fixes for a long time, needs to be fixed in Parliament since the current balance of political forces in Parliament does not reflect this reality. However, against the wishes of the public and against the vital national need for a united wall interesantov. Members of the Knesset are reluctant to dissolve because who they may promise a pleasure be re-elected next time? In fading Kadime most current members of the Knesset are destined to remain on the sidelines. Avoda concerned about internal party elections, primaries. To the great regret and shame, and the Shas and Lieberman continue to support this weakly government, and from one day to the next, are becoming increasingly responsible for the continuation of harm. Well, the media do not want elections because Benjamin Netaniyahu. According to all the polls, Likud wins. God forbid! Interesant's coalition in the Knesset and in the media busy that inspires the thought that the elections would undermine public confidence in democratic government. As if to vote of votum distrust to government is not part of the democratic game. As if there could be deleted even below the lower public confidence in the authorities. "Time Livni" - title Nahum Barnea, editorials "Yediot Ahronot", flags who now have a favourite. Would the members of the Knesset to rise above themselves prefer at this difficult time, the benefit of the people and make the elections?
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