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The meeting initiated deputy Ofir Pines
Today, the Labour government's resignation would Olmert threatened withdrawal from the government on Friday Centre Party, the Labour government "will meet at a hotel in Tel Aviv to decide whether to remain in the government of Ehud Olmert, or to leave. The meeting initiated deputy Ofir Pines, supported by other candidates for the post of party leader-Ami Ayalon and Dani Yatom, as well as the Secretary-General "sees" Eitan Kabel. According to their proposal, the deputies and ministers from the party "Kadima" have put an ultimatum that within three weeks of the election of the Chairman of the Labour government's "message" should begin the process of withdrawing Ehud Olmert from the prime minister. The official text of the ultimatum, to be approved by the Centre "Avoda " tomorrow, calls for the head of government to draw conclusions from the interim report of the board Vinograda and resign. If Olmert resigned, the Labour government's going to come out of the government. The Centre Party will meet again in three weeks after the elections to discuss the implementation of (or failure) ultimatum. Against Initiative Pinesa, born and Danny are other candidates for the chairmanship of the Labour party, Ehud Barak and Amir Peretz. The Defence Minister in charge "Avoda" now that the Centre Party wants its initiative, according to which "Avoda" remain in the government and will not submit "Kadima" ultimatum demanding the resignation of Olmert. According to Peretz, a similar ultimatum constitutes interference in the internal affairs of other parties and violation of the principles of democracy. Amir Peretz does not want to lose the opportunity to stay in the coalition government with Olmert, as expected, after winning the primaries require portfolio of the Minister of Finance.
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