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American advisers filed a lawsuit to the party "Avoda"
American advisers filed a lawsuit to the party "Avoda" The day before intra-party elections in the Labour government's two American adviser, Stanley Greenberg and Jeremy Rosner, who advised the leadership of the Labour party in the elections in 2006, filed suit in Tel Aviv Magistrates Court. They accuse the party of non-payment of fees and require them to return 400.000 shekels, announced on 27 May news agency Ynet. The petition filed through counsel Amitaya Ehrlich, said : This scandal erupted after the "arrest", it was decided to reduce the budget for sociological research, which Rozner and Greenberg interrupted cooperation with the Israeli Labour. Labour was required to pay American advisers for the work 60.000 dollars. Through this cooperation, a number of polls, including in the Arab sector. Lawyers Greenberg and Rozner argue that their clients have consistently complained of a shortage of money, but party leaders refused to pay or even filed the necessary documents to the Tax Office. The Secretary-General "Avoda" Eytan Kabel said in this case : "We are aware of the complaint and will pay plaintiffs. Currently, the party is facing financial difficulties, but we have overcome them and pay all of whom. I can only apologize for the inconvenience suffered and state that we work. "
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