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They secretly discussed the possibility to join forces
NRG-Maariv News Agency argues that despite statements by Amir Peretz, Ami Ayalon, and that their meeting today was the first in which discussed mutual cooperation, even before the primaries, they secretly discussed the possibility to join forces in the second round leader of the Labour government. " Reported that the meeting was held at the home of a close Peretz. Source close to Ami Ayalon, confirmed the meeting. Today, Defense Minister Amir Peretz and contender for the chairmanship of the Labour government's Ami Ayalon met at the Ministry of Defense in Tel Aviv. They reported that the talks discussed the possibility that Peretz would support Ayalon eve of the second round leader of the party, which two weeks Ami Ayalon will fight for the post of Ehud Barak. Drawn Peretz noted that the meeting was held in a friendly atmosphere, but not very good for Barak. " Surrounded Ayalon also stressed that the meeting is a natural part of the run-up to elections. The approximate Ayalon said that no agreement has been signed, but sources in the face "to insist that an agreement exists.
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