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Gaydamak accuses police and the Ministry of Justice
Businessman Arkady Gaydamak published today in the leading Israeli newspaper, the rights paid ads open letter to a legal adviser to the government Meni Mazuz, which ordered him to a month to decide whether to file an indictment against him. In a letter under the heading "Mazuz, it is time to address the" Gaydamak said that the time has appealed to legal counsel and showed him proof that he is investigating illegal. "The campaign waged against me by a number of businessmen and interesantov not picking funds and abusing their power in the Israeli law enforcement authorities off my senior police officers and magistrates," said in the letter. According to the Gaydamak, his heirs for his "Russian origin, for his wealth and the fact that he dared to take an active part in what is going on in the country and to reach out to other Jews. Then Gaydamak accuses police and the Ministry of Justice in damage to his business and his good name and the suffering inflicted on his family, and demands that Mazuz in a reasonable time decided to discontinue the investigation or to file an indictment that Gaydamak to defend themselves in court. "I ask you to take a decision in less than four weeks," Putin said at the end of the letter. Note that the May 20th deadline trial, during which prosecutors could file against Gaydamaka indictment of the money-laundering branch "Apoalim on Yarkon Street in Tel Aviv, leaving it with a pledge of $ 4.9 million. Recall that the prosecutor's office demanded that the police investigation was conducted in Holland. It transpired, however, that under Dutch law, it is very problematic, but the company previously consented to cooperate with the Israeli police, at the last moment refused. The indictment has not been filed, and prosecutors now have to return the money Gaydamaku. Also recall that it was through the newspaper is not the first Gaydamaka in relations with the authorities. Thus, the 23rd November last year, a similar letter with a request to take action "in the case against Gaydamak" was drawn to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. Before the 6th July 2006, Gaidamak through newspapers asked the police, regretting that is unjustified persecution by law enforcement agencies.
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