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The Israeli Antiquities for knockdown price
On Sunday in a small provincial auction houses USA put out to tender 165 archaeological objects from Israel, once part of the famous collection of Moshe Dayan, said Haaretz. Most pieces are signed, Moshe Dayan. Prices for the Israeli Antiquities very low, for example, vessel, which dates from about 1,400 years before the Common Era, estimated to be 300-500 dollars. Thomaston Place auction house (in Maine) does not expect an influx of buyers : strong interest in the collection is tainted because it is not a particularly rare and expensive items. Hence the low price designated for tenders. Moreover, the organizers did not designate a minimum price, and we intend to sell the entire collection to those who offer the highest amount, "even if that $ 100". Exhibited for sale exhibits is a collection of ancient glass and ceramics, Dayan once sold his friend Irving Bernstein, which heirs Bernstein was not needed. Moshe Dayan had started collecting antiquities in the 1950s and continued to do so all his life, despite strong dissatisfaction, which sparked his amateur illegal excavations in professional circles. No one, however, dared not openly oppose a national hero, and the Dayan responsible for any claims : "Report to police" that for the time was deliberately absurd. Widow Dayan Rahel in 1986 sold his collection of the Museum of Israel for a million dollars, which also prompted an outcry in the community : as a collection compiled using public office and the famous military leaders, many thought she would refer it to the museum at no cost.
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