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Nitzan suspected of fraud and breach of trust
Head of the municipality of Rishon le-Tsiona Meir Nitzan for five hours today by members of the Police Anti-fraud Bat-Yame. Nitzan suspected of fraud and breach of trust, who is accused of leading to the appointment of municipal positions of people from his inner circle and campaign activists, wrote on May 17 Ynet. The investigation had been questioned several officials were involved Rishon le-Tsiona and seized a number of documents. Investigation of the case began with a complaint filed by a former deputy of the Knesset party says Hami Doron, who is now head of the movement of the Derech a-Yashar le-Shilton Takin '. Previously, he was a member of the City Council Rishon le-Tsiona. In the election for Knesset last year Nitsan supported "Kadima" as a leader of the local authorities and led a pre headquarters of the party. Doron The complaint states that at least two members of the headquarters were then taken Nitsanom to work at the town hall. A few days earlier, it was reported that under investigation is also mayor of Petah Tikva, Yitzhak Ohayon, serving also as head of a local commission for planning and construction.
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