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First official meeting in 30 years between NATO and Iran
NATO has said that an Iranian diplomat had met with a representative of the Western military alliance for the first time in 30 years. Few details of the meeting were immediately available, but a NATO spokesperson Thursday told the news service ‘Voice of America’ that it had happened in Brussels last week. The French news agency AFP reported that an Iranian diplomat met with the senior NATO official Martin Erdmann for "an informal contact" about Afghanistan. Earlier on Thursday, Iran confirmed it would attend a UN-sponsored conference on neighboring Afghanistan next week. Iran's Foreign Ministry said it has not yet decided who Tehran's representative would be. The United States will be represented by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who proposed to the conference hosts earlier this month that Iran be invited. A State Department spokesman, Gordon Duguid, said that Clinton had no plans for a "substantive" one-on-one meeting with Iranian officials at the conference.
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According to Shirin Shafaie, writing for CASMII Media Watch On Forbes dot com, rtorpeer Claudia Rosett wrote that she and President Abdullah Gul of Turkey sipped tea and had a disturbing talk that it resided next to one of the world's roughest neighbors, Iran.For his part, President Gul published a press release stating: Following today's reports by some press organizations that Mr President gave an interview to the Forbes Magazine, the announcement below was deemed necessary: Neither today nor in the past has Mr President ever given any interview to the Forbes Magazine. We respectfully inform the public.' Moral of the story: don't believe everything you read in the MSM, on line, in blogs, anywhere. Check the sources, cross-check information, evaluate the prior acts and credibility of parties presenting the information.Rosett is presently Journalist-in-Residence for Foundation for Defense of Democracies, the current project of ideologues formerly associated with neoconservative think tanks and publications, such as Michael Ledeen, Marc Gerecht, James Woolsey ,,, the usual suspects.

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