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The partial report by a government-appointed committee probing the Second Lebanon War on Monday accused Prime Minister
Who Are The Judges Then? | Views: 275 | Added by: usa | Date: 01.05.2007 | Comments (0)

The Lebanon War inquiry commission hands down the equivalent of a death warrant against Olmert government for its “grave failures” across the board
Who Are The Judges Then? | Views: 256 | Added by: usa | Date: 30.04.2007 | Comments (0)

The Cohen appointment proves that in the pocket of each policeman sits the whistle of a commissioner.
Who Are The Judges Then? | Views: 282 | Added by: usa | Date: 11.04.2007 | Comments (0)

The Commission noted that the publication of the testimony distorts the real picture
Who Are The Judges Then? | Views: 293 | Added by: usa | Date: 02.04.2007 | Comments (0)

He thanked Avi Dikhter for the confidence and reported that was made the decision to forego this post.
Who Are The Judges Then? | Views: 296 | Added by: usa | Date: 27.03.2007 | Comments (0)

The commission of Judge Winograd on the investigation of failures of the second Lebanese war reported today in the daytime about the fact that it is nevertheless intended to publish within the framework of its intermediate report the personal recommendations, which are concerned the Head of Government Ehud Olmert, the Minister of Defense Amir Peretz and former chief of general staff was Dan Khaluts.
Report will be published in the middle of April. He will touch on such debatable questions as the process of making decisions about the output to the war and about its completion to several days later than it was declared about the cease fire.
Who Are The Judges Then? | Views: 291 | Added by: usa | Date: 13.03.2007 | Comments (0)

By Barry Chamish
Who Are The Judges Then? | Views: 2684 | Added by: usa | Date: 22.02.2007 | Comments (0)

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